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The atmosphere you create for your guests plays a pivotal role in crafting the perfect day. I and my dedicated team specialise in venue set up and styling, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary, dreamlike settings that reflect your unique style and personality.  


Whatever your vision, we have the creative experience and expertise to bring your vision to life, with every detail meticulously curated. The day before your wedding or event is a busy one with suppliers setting up and everything needing to be put in place.  We can take the pressure off you, when there can be a million jobs to do, leaving you free to enjoy the build-up to the big day without a worry in the world.


We lso know that you and your family and friends may want to be involved with set up and styling, so allow us to guide and support you, making sure you can spend the day before enjoying the process, finishing off any jobs that need doing once you have left to get ready.




Styling Services from £800

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